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Riverside Avenue (North)

Riverside Avenue

Overhead Railroad

Old Muzzy Corner

Main Street

Main Street

Bristol Christmas Lights

St. Joseph Church

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church was initially built in order to accommodate the religious needs of the Irish immigrant population. The first church was a small wooden structure built on Queen Street in 1855.  It was later remodeled. St. Joseph was a mission of St. Mary’s of New Britain until it became an independent parish in 1864. The present English Gothic granite church was dedicated in 1925. During the period of generic soma treatment, it is necessary to be careful when driving vehicles and engaging in other potentially dangerous activities that require increased concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions, as well as the ...

St. Joseph Church

This image shows the original St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, rectory, convent and school. All these structures, except the church, were built in 1901-02. The Federal Hill Green can be viewed to the west of these buildings.

Prospect Methodist Church

The Episcopalians, living within the New Cambridge Society (later Bristol), left the community during the War of Independence. They were persecuted by the Congregationalists and feared for their lives because of their allegiance to the Church of England. They returned to the community 1834 and constructed a church at the present day site of the Advent Christian Church. They purchased land on the corner of Summer and Center Streets and built a larger edifice in 1880, renaming it Prospect Methodist Episcopal Church. In was enlarged in 1888. John Humphrey Sessions built, at his own expense, a large granite addition to the church in 1893.