BHS Asks You to Share Your Experience

BHS Asks You to Share Your Experience

Along with other historical societies and associations throughout the country, the Bristol Historical Society is also interested in seeking input from Bristol residents during the corona virus health crisis.

To document these experiences for future generations we would like to hear from all age groups. The following variety of questions are examples; other topics and experiences are most welcome:

  • Have you kept a journal?
  • How did you spend the day?
  • How many books have you read to your children?
  • How did you support the businesses that were open?
  • How did your children and you as parents respond to distance learning?
  • What window or outdoor signs did you display?
  • What was your creative project while being quarantined?
  • What games did you play with your children?
  • What helped you with working at home?
  • What pictures or videos did you take?
  • What did you miss most?
  • Were you an essential worker or volunteer?
  • Did you experience the virus?
  • Did you lose a loved one to the virus?

The answers to all of these questions and others reflect Bristol’s response to the pandemic We hope that you are willing to share yours.

Please send any electronic photos or images to If you can provide hard copies that would be most helpful. Hard copies of photos, written letters, notes, and other shared memories can be mailed to:

Collections and Program Committees

Bristol Historical Society

PO Box 1393

Bristol CT 06011-1393


In addition to the above forms of communication, we intend to conduct oral interviews once normal activities resume Stay tuned as to how you can participate.

With Gratitude,

Bristol Historical Society